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Best Dr Who Haircut

If you're a fan of science (test tubes and powders), and you enjoy reading fiction (fake stories), there's a good chance that you will enjoy the genre known as science fiction.
But don't worry - science fiction is more than just fake stories about test tubes and powders. It can also include aliens, space adventures... or both!

Dr Who is the result of such a combination. It's all about the travels of a doctor named 'Dr Who', through time, space, quarries and Cardiff.
How does he reach such exotic locations? Yes, in a box! The box is called 'The Phone Box'.

But Dr Who isn't alone in his adventures. He has many enemies, all of whom are massively evil and intent on destroying something or other.
His worst enemies are the Autons, a gang of terrifying shop dummies!

Thankfully, Dr Who has magic powers - he can do a brilliant trick! Specifically, he can transform into someone else, thereby fooling the shop dummies and giving him a chance to escape and hide somewhere in Cardiff.
So far, Dr Who has used this tactic 9 times. But it has a drawback - for after every performance, his haircut changes!

I wonder... which is the best Dr Who haircut?

Of course, it is the haircut belonging to Dr Who's fourth incarnation: curly.


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