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Most Playing Cards Used On Stage

Playing cards are, without doubt, the most well-established symbol of gambling worldwide. No matter the languages spoken, flash the four suites of a deck of cards and a room full of foreigners will either be instantly united in a game of questionable legality... or they will expect you to perform a magic trick!

For the general, non-gambling public know playing cards as items of mystery and illusion: items that are likely to disappear into thin air, appearing later in a glass of milk, or the centre of a jam doughnut!

Thanks to their disposable nature, it is estimated that the magical community accounts for 92% of all playing card sales worldwide every year - enough playing cards to fill two Olympic sized swimming pools!

Magician Mark Mysterrio should be held responsible for some of this pool-filling: because on the 31st of October 2008, he used the most playing cards ever used on stage: an incredible total of 5,672 decks of cards in just one show!


You can read more about Mysterrio's achievements on his website: www.ultimatemagicshows.com

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