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Longest Darts Marathon

Have you ever spent half a day watching an obese, bearded man walk up and down an alley, randomly throwing bricks into other people's back gardens? I certainly have, and it was a fascinating half day indeed, albeit soured somewhat when the man collapsed and later, stopped moving entirely.

If I ever wanted to witness this spectacle again, I would certainly go and watch a match of darts, which is virtually identical - except instead of 'bricks' there are darts and instead of 'back gardens' there is a crowd of slovenly onlookers.

The average darts match lasts for three hours - roughly the same as the running time of one the Lord of the Rings films.
But you'd certainly need to be a Gandalf to endure what was the longest darts marathon - because only by possessing magical powers would you be able to survive the excitement!

For the longest darts marathon lasted three and half hours!


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