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Fastest Dog Underwater

Dogs are a very nice species of animal... or at least, most are.
Some dogs can be a bit evil, especially that one across the road who keeps looking at my car.

The ancient Greek word for 'dog' is 'cerberus'. That makes sense, you might think, since Cerberus was the king of the underworld, and since dogs evolved out of plants, they very much enjoy the subterranean lifestyle.

But strangely, the same word - cerberus - translates as 'swimming pool' in Aryan, the language of the ancient Persians. And as any ancient history scholar will drone on for several hours about, the Persians were sworn enemies of the Greeks.

The explanation of this translation insanity is the method of punishment that the Persians would exact on any Greek dogs captured during battle - they would, quite literally, throw them into the swimming pool!

And this was how the fastest dog underwater was discovered!

The fastest dog underwater is a Schnitzel von Krum, an ancient race of dog that do not exist any more, due to them all having been thrown in the swimming pool.

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