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Furthest Eye Popper

The human body is a very well designed piece of fleshy equipment.
Who exactly pencilled the blueprint is a controversial topic. Either it was almighty God, sat on his golden throne up in the clouds somewhere, or it was a stinking monkey.

Only by gathering the two together in one ring can the answer be found, and it's not as if that's ever likely to happen - at least, not until the monkey delivery man takes a wrong turn, and a vicar assaults him.

But whoever was responsible, they certainly need congratulating when it comes to the design of those all-important organs, the eyes. Who'd have thought that arranging loads of tiny cones on the inside of a gooey ball would facilitate the wonder of vision?

Yes, the eyes are great. Great... but not perfect.
For, whether it was God, or a monkey, the designer of eyes forgot to add the plug that stops them popping out!

Have you ever seen the film Total Recall? If you have, you are sure to have seen actor Arnold Schwarzenegger's eyes popping out, during an otherwise pleasant family holiday on the planet of Mars.
I can't remember exactly why they were popping out. I expect he had dropped an ice cream onto his groin.

But the furthest eye popper doesn't feature in a film. He features in a book - one of the oldest books in the world: The Iliad!

The furthest eye popper is a man named Peisander - he is hit in the face by a brick, and is so angry that he fires his eyes a mile into the sky!


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