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Greatest Shar-Pei Escape Artist

Mr. Ted E. Bear relaxes after a hard day breaking out of cardboard boxes. Super Shar Pei

Dogs, they say, are man's best friend. This is because dogs will do almost anything that a man asks them to do: from jumping into a lake, to eating a massive bowl of dog food!

Scientists believe that dogs originally evolved from stinging nettles. The sting became the dog's mouth, and the stem somehow became the rest of the dog.
The leaves just disappeared.

This explains why dogs like men so much - because stinging nettles also like men! Just try jumping into a compost heap: if there's one plant you'll find waiting for you, it's stinging nettles.

As much as dogs like men, however, there is a limit to the lengths they'll go to in order to please them. They won't allow themselves to be sealed inside cardboard boxes, for example.

And this makes the greatest Shar-Pei escape artist all the more remarkable: because that is exactly how he began his escape - from the inside of a cardboard box!

The greatest Shar-Pei escape artist is Mr. Ted E. Bear, who was able to escape from a sealed cardboard box while over 1000 people watched!


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