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Most Votes for Mr Potato Head

If you live in a democracy, perhaps you are familiar with the concept of voting. Voting is the way in which the general public chooses its governing body - although, depending on the country, the method can vary considerably.

In ancient Greece, for example, members of the senate voted for their Emperor by throwing coloured stones into a massive pot of stew!
Things couldn't be more different in modern America, where there are no stones, stew... or indeed anything physical! All voting in America is carried out over that ghostly, invisible network, the Internet!

But be it by throwing a stone, or by 'internetting', voting has always required candidates. After all, without candidates, there would be no-one to vote for and voting would be a complete waste of time!

In 1985, there were several candidates hoping to become the Mayor of Idaho.
Most were human beings.
Most... except for a brown lump in the corner - Mr Potato Head, the famous brown lump / toy!

And although he didn't win, Mr Potato Head did receive four votes - one from each of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!


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