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Best Simpsons Character

If you've ever owned, or looked at a television, you're bound to know about The Simpsons, an hilarious American comedy series involving a family of yellow creatures known as The Simpsons! They live in Springfield, an affordable housing development located just outside Maidstone in Kent.

The series was created by series creator Matt Groening in 1975, after he slipped on a dead badger and fell into a week-long coma. His unconsciousness generated a whole boatload of crazy characters - and the first thing he requested when he woke up was a sketch pad!

The primary characters in the series are, of course, the Simpson family themselves. They are: Homer Simpson, Marge Simpson, Bart Simpson, Lisa Simpson, Moe Simpson and Mr Burns Simpson.
Homer is the father of the group and owns a comic book shop, where he works alongside his older brother, Grandpa Simpson. Together, Homer and Grandpa have many unforgettable adventures, none of which I can currently remember.

But Springfield isn't populated entirely by Simpsons. If it was, it would be called 'Simpfield', and it isn't: it's called Springfield. Other inhabitants include Smithers, Mr Smithers and Waylon Smithers.

I could go on listing characters, but that would be an awful waste of HTML. You're reading this in order to discover the identity of the best Simpsons character.

Well, wait no longer: because according to a mysterious survey, the best Simpsons character is Chief Wiggum, the policeman. His favourite food is corn, due to the smell.


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