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Most Dangerous Shark

Look out, there's a shark in the pool - and he's just munched some kid!

If you're a fan of the film Jaws, you'll immediately recognise that quote - it's what a surfer probably says at some point!

The film was directed by the legendary Steven Spielberg, but was almost never made. Having originally pitched the idea of 'a crazy shark's antics' to producers, on the first day of filming Spielberg suddenly realised he had forgotten to write the script!
At the last minute, he simply took a copy of the script from his last film: Duel and changed all instances of 'truck' to 'shark'.
Filming was able to go ahead, and all scenes featuring the shark driving down the road were removed during post-production.

But wait - what is all this talk about a fictional shark doing here? Sharks, as any environmental campaigner will drone on about, are nothing like the one depicted in 'Jaws'.
What, really, is the most dangerous shark?

The most dangerous shark is one of those shark robots from the Transformers cartoon.
They are really dangerous!

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