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Tallest Dinosaur

Millions of years ago, before you or I were born, the planet Earth was a very different place. It wasn't called Earth, for a start.
It wasn't called anything, because words hadn't been invented!

Here's another difference: the planet was not populated by human beings, nor even by our distant ancestors, space monkeys.
No, the only existing form of life were dinosaurs, a race of enormous and terrifying monsters!

Don't worry - all the dinosaurs were eventually exterminated by the invading space monkeys, and that is the end of the story of the dinosaurs.

But how do we know all this? Where is the evidence?
The evidence for the existence of the dinosaurs is the cartoon The Land Before Time, which is all about a bunch of dinosaurs wandering around for some reason.

The tallest dinosaur can be seen briefly in the background, when the dinosaurs stop to have a drink!

Although it might be a shoddily animated tree.


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