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Heaviest Carrot

If you were alive in the middle ages, and wanted to be able to see in the dark (perhaps you lived in a hole), your local witch-doctor would probably prescribe a heavy dosage of a vegetable known as devil's cock.
You might know it better as the humble carrot!

But since 1932, when Hitler invented the battery-powered torch, carrots have seen a sharp decline in popularity.
Just try offering a schoolboy the choice between a carrot and bag of crisps: you will be amazed to discover that you are a sex offender!

But don't despair, for carrots still have many uses:

1) Carrot cake,

2) Carrot Surprise (a carrot),

3) Carrot cake.

And if you are strange enough to enjoy carrot cake, the sight of the heaviest carrot would probably make you look at it with extreme excitement!
Because, using the heaviest carrot (205kg), you could create an incredible two carrot cakes!

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