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Most Hilarious 'Saved By the Bell' Character

If you were alive in the 1990s, and were conscious, there is a high probability that you spent some of your time watching the classic school-based comedy series Saved by the Bell.

I can't remember the name of the school, but I can certainly remember the name of all of the characters - for they were so hilarious, they went straight into my brain. Like a tapeworm.

Zak was the main character, and had yellow hair,
Slater was a muscular character with curly hair,
Screech was a thin character - he also had curly hair!
Kelly was a girl character with long hair,
and Mr Building was the school caretaker, who had no hair at all - not even on his genitals!

Every episode featured the various cast members wandering up and down the corridor, saying and doing things, until eventually the episode finished.

I've often wondered what became of the actors behind such memorable characters, but have never been depressed enough to actually attempt to find out. And now is no exception.
So I will to content myself with revealing the identity of the most hilarious 'Saved by the Bell' character: Kelly!

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