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Most Terrifying Muppet

Somewhere in the infinity of parallel universes, the human race once lived peacefully alongside a race of bizarre fuzzy creatures known as Muppets.
However, instigated by ruthless despot Kermit the Frog, the Muppets soon waged a bloody war against humanity that ultimately resulted in the extermination of both races when the Earth was destroyed by numerous nuclear detonations.

In our universe, of course, things were thankfully very different.
The Muppets were instead simply assorted rag-stuffed socks, copyrighted by puppeteer Jim Henson in 1972!
Against all expectations, these socks became amazingly successful, spawning at least two television series, eight films and one memorable catchphrase: "Hello, I am Muppet?".

But like their planet-destroying parallel universe counterparts, the Muppets weren't all good. In fact, some Muppets were terrifying monsters!

The most terrifying Muppet was known as Beaker.
Beaker was some kind of insane pipe who spent all of his time running around a science laboratory, screeching like a monkey being strangled!


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