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Driest Place on Earth

If there's one liquid that every living organism on the planet requires in order to continue living, it is Dr Pepper. Without Dr Pepper, Earth would completely uninhabitable - like the centre of a massively dangerous explosion.

But Dr Pepper isn't the only liquid refreshment available! That would be teeth-achingly terrible. No, we cannot forget that clear, tasteless liquid that occasionally falls from the skies, as if gifted to humanity by a crazy bunch of clear-liquid-obsessed aliens: of course, I'm describing water!

It isn't distributed by extra-terrestrials. The truth is much stranger than that. Rain is actually Santa Claus crying, because an elf has fallen into the workshop machinery and been crushed by a massive cog.

And that means the location of the driest place on Earth is easily calculatable. It's the location furthest away from Santa Claus: the planet the Sun!

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