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Most People Dressed as Superheroes

Dressing up as a Superhero isn't something I've ever felt a particular urge to do.
This is because I am somewhat normal.

But for those less than normal members of society, dressing up as Superheroes seems to form an important activity. Seldom have I traversed Gillingham high street without bumping into a handful of Green Lanterns.

What they do in Gillingham is a mystery - but one thing they certainly don't, and are never likely to do is attempt to organise a gathering of the Most People Dressed as Superheroes: for they would need at least 120 more participants before they stood a chance at setting the WOW. There aren't that many literate people in Gillingham.

The most people dressed as Superheroes was 125, set on the 13th of November 1999, in Illinois, USA.
Amongst the rabble were fifteen Spidermen, twelve Batmen, five Rorshachs and a seldom-seen Booster Gold.
Luckily there were no Gentlemen Ghosts, since that would have ruined everything.

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