Random WOW: ' Largest Marrow '

Longest Dreadlock

If you've ever watched the film 'The Pirates of the Caribbean', you're sure to have noticed the character 'Captain Jack Sparrow' staggering around in the background. Well, the next time you're watching the film, take a close look at his hair. Isn't that amazing? That's dreadlocks!

If you want to have hair like Captain Jack Sparrow, here is how to do it (grow dreadlocks):

1) Don't wash your hair,
2) Don't wash your hair,
3) Don't wash your hair,
4) Don't wash your hair.

Other famous people with dreadlocks include the unemployed, and the homeless.

But what if you wanted to grow the longest dreadlock - for how many weeks would you have to go without washing your hair?
Well, I don't know. What kind of a stupid question is that?
All I know is the length of the longest dreadlock: longer than my ruler!


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