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Most Successful Songwriter

Writing a song, you might think, is incredibly easy. Just put the potato into an oven and cook for one hour!
Well congratulations, you idiot. You have confused 'writing a song' with 'baking a potato'.

Writing a song is actually very difficult indeed, and although an oven isn't strictly necessary, a wide variety of skills are.
You must be able to rhyme - there's nothing worse than a song that doesn't rhyme!
You must be able to understand the principles of rhythm - there's only one thing worse than a song without a rhythm: a song that doesn't rhyme.
Finally, you must be able to use both of the above whilst writing a song about a specific, engaging and relevant topic. There are many worse things than a song without a specific, engaging and relevant topic - including songs that don't rhyme, getting your neck sunburnt and The Gentleman Ghost.

The most successful songwriter is invariably in possession of all three of these abilities - for success seems to follow him wherever he goes. It even follows him to toilet, which is where he wrote 'Man on the Moon'. Yes, the most successful songwriter is none other than REM!

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