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Highest Paid Bullfighter

I've never felt much animosity toward the humble bull. Why would I? As far as I can remember, a bull has never physically harmed me. A bull has never broken my heart. And the police assure me that it isn't a bull who has been throwing eggs at my car.
Why, then, would I want to have a fight with one?

I'll tell you why: tradition!

For if I was Spanish, I would want to fight a bull every day, or at least watch someone else fighting a bull. It's a tradition that has been going on for more than 10 years! And who better to fight a bull than a bullfighter? No-one else, that's who.

Bullfighting is as glamorous an occupation in Spain as being a footballer is in England. In fact, bullfighting is almost exactly the same as football - the difference being, that at the end of a football match, the football doesn't get stabbed to death.

The highest paid bullfighter is Carlos Lectra. Every day, he earns enough to buy a mid-range 32" LCD television: 400!


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