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Largest Kaleidoscope

Before Nintendo was invented, annoying kids had to find other ways to amuse themselves.
Throwing a ball, rolling a hoop, catching tuberculosis... all were popular pastimes. But by far the most popular was to spend several hours gazing through a toilet roll full of glass shards: a kaleidoscope!

With a simple flick of the wrist, a kaleidoscope could be persuaded to generate a potentially infinite number of seemingly identical patterns. With the help of an imagination, you might imagine that you were in space, looking at a crazy alien, or something.

However, you won't find any kaleidoscopes in your local toy shop today. Kaleidoscopes are now illegal, due to the danger that glass poses to idiots.
In fact, the only kaleidoscope in the world that can legally be used is the largest kaleidoscope, housed in the Science Museum in London.
Rather than being made from a toilet roll, it is made from a kitchen roll. And it is not filled with glass. It is only half filled with glass!


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