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Longest Continuous Hula Hooping

The very first thing that I should make clear is that the reference to hula-hooping in this WOW's title does not refer to the practice of eating the popular cylindrical potato-based snack, 'Hula Hoops'.
As far as I know, the phrase 'Hula Hooping' has never actually been used in such a way, but in case it has, I wanted to make it absolutely clear that that is not what this WOW is honouring.

'Hula Hooping' is, of course, the act of spinning a hoop about one's waist by means of gyration of the hips. You may have seen it on television, if that's the type of weird thing you watch on television.

It tends to be more popular with girls, in much the same way as are cart wheeling, playing with skipping ropes and moaning about me doing the washing up.
So it should come as no surprise that the holder for the WOW of longest continuous hula hooping is also a girl: more specifically, Elizabeth Crandall. She managed to spin her hoop non-stop for nine hours, twenty-nine minutes!


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