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Funniest Two Ronnies Sketch

What do you remember about The Two Ronnies? Probably nothing, since you are an idiot. Here, therefore, is a potted history of The Two Ronnies, recently voted the funniest double-act of 1989!

Ronald Barker and Ronald Corbald met at Oxford University in 1972. Immediately, they joined the Cambridge Footlights, a funny gang of humans (other members included Monty Python and Charlie Chaplin)!

In 1985, Barker and Cordman decided to leave University - they had finished their degrees seven years earlier, and had been hiding in a cupboard ever since. They took a bus to the BBC, where they were mistaken for Little and Large and given a television sketch-based comedy series: The Two Ronnies!

Of all the sketches featured on their series, Barker and Cranford will probably live forever thanks to one: the funniest Two Ronnies sketch, known simply as 'Fork Handles':

A man walks into B&Q

Employee: Welcome to B&Q!
Man: Hello.
Employee: How can I help?
Man: I'm looking for fork handles.
Employee: Fork handles?
Man: Yes please, fork handles.
Employee: Hmmm... fork handles...
Man: Fork handles.
Employee: Fork handles... AHA!

From behind the desk, the employee produces figurines of the antagonist from Star Trek II.

Employee: Here you go - four Khan dolls!
Man: Thanks.

The man pays and leaves B&Q.

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