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Brightest Torch

Ask any robot what their most hated type of cut is, and they will reply "A POWER-CUT".
Of course, I'm assuming the robot that you are talking to has a speech module.
And that it has some kind of robot mind.
Otherwise you're really just wasting your time talking to it.

Yes, power cuts are disastrous for robots: and they're not much better for humans. No television, no oven, no doorbell, no wireless telephone... the list is endlessish.

Thanks to the humble torch, however, 'lights' are not part of that list. Yes, you may not be able to do anything, watch anything or eat anything, but with a torch, you'll at least be able to make sure you don't accidentally fall into a threshing machine.

The first torch was created by the great British inventor, Isambard Kingdom Brunel, and was powered by oil. This, of course, is why they are known as torches. Something to do with oil.

When the electric battery was introduced in 1983, torches entered the mainstream. And with the introduction of the LED, brightnesses were soon rivalling those of small explosions - such as when a sausage explodes whilst under my grill!

But sausage explosions were as nothing compared to what was the brightest torch, created in a scientific lab in Canada, America: a torch that produced a light brighter than Jesus!


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