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Scariest Gremlin

"Don't feed him after midnight, and never get him wet!"

If you've ever seen the film Gremlins, you will no doubt recognise that saying. Because it is from the film Gremlins.

If you haven't seen the film, here is a brief plot summary:
Some kid is given a pet Gremlin. He names him Chester.
Chester gets wet and all kinds of mayhem ensues!
Look, a Gremlin is in the microwave.
Mass electrocution.
The end.

Unsurprisingly, the film was a huge success, and the studio immediately made a sequel, Gremlins 2. I won't bother with a plot summary, since the only difference between Gremlins 2 and Gremlins is the presence of the scariest Gremlin!

The scariest Gremlin is that weird girl Gremlin who I once had an unsettling dream about, and which I do not want to discuss ever.

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