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Largest Collection of Snow Globes

In times long past, the weather was thought to be an unknowable mystical mystery. The Sun was a result of God's happiness (light comes out of the mouth?). Rain was God crying. Lightning was the result of God angrily hitting things. And snow was the result of God forgetting to close the freezer door, defrosting the sausages.

Today, we know better. God isn't a demented schizophrenic. It is science that causes the weather, along with a bit of help from UFOs.

Many of the aforementioned weather phenomena can be created artificially - though some are more difficult and costly than others.
Rain is easy: just immerse your face in a bucket of water! Lightning, on the other hand, is more difficult: smash up an expensive robot!

The level of difficulty for creating artificial snow lies somewhere between that of rain and lightning. In short, you have to go to ASDA and purchase a snow globe!

The first snow globe was created by the American President Martin Van Buren, when he sneezed into a sock. But many things have changed in the 32 years since then! Modern snow globes are made from glass, and are filled with hundreds of white shreds of plastic.

If you want to learn more about snow globes, why not visit the man who owns the largest collection of snow globes, Chris Dentura?! He owns more than forty different snow globes, probably.


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