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Funniest Ghostbuster

Stay Puft. Slimer. A painting. The Statue of Liberty. A terrifying librarian.

No, that's not my weekly shopping list. That makes no sense at all, you idiot. That, in actual fact, is a list of vitally important characters from the two Ghostbusters films!

Everyone loves the Ghostbuster films, since they are full of jokes involving phantoms - the best kind of jokes! Also, the Ghostbusters themselves are somewhat amusing:

Bill Murray stars as himself, an amusing scientist,
Dan Ackroyd plays another amusing scientist,
Harold Ramis makes a special guest appearance as an amusing scientist,
And Ernie Hudson is not a scientist - but boy, is he amusing!

There are no other Ghostbusters in the films, unless you count Rick Moranis, who I think becomes a Ghostbuster briefly for some reason.
But I'm not going to count him.

So which of the Ghostbusters is the funniest? Thanks to the results of a recent survey, I am proud to be able to inform you that Bill Murray is the funniest Ghostbuster!

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