Random WOW: ' Dirtiest Harry '

Oldest Dog

If you're in the habit of throwing sticks around, but hate having to retrieve them, you'll be pleased to hear about a recent innovation: Battersea Dog's Home!

Battersea Dog's Home is full to the brim with dogs, a type of creature that likes nothing better than to look at me menacingly, and also fetch sticks!
Many famous people own dogs: Paris Hilton owns a dog that she keeps in a plastic bag. This is to save time so that when she tires of it, she can simply close the bag and throw it straight into a canal. Famous explorer Indiana Jones also has a dog. Confusingly, the dog is also called Indiana Jones!

Dogs tend to wear out after around 20 years - this is due to a temporal anomaly. But some can last much longer... and none longer than the oldest dog, who lived to be an incredibly incontinent 24 years old


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