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Best Roald Dahl Book

Who, on this planet, can truthfully say that they have never read a book by Roald Dahl? The answer is: no-one, except perhaps some dirty immigrants.
Everyone else has, at some point, read one of Dahl's creations - so what better time to look back over some of those magical works, eh?
No better time, that's what time.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, written in 1892, tells the tale of a young homeless boy (Charlie) who breaks into a factory and sets it on fire. Unfortunately, the fumes cause him to suffocate to death.
Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator is all about some other homeless boy (also called Charlie), who has an amazing adventure and then falls down a lift shaft.
The final book in the Charlie trilogy, Fantastic Mr Fox, reveals the shocking secret that the two Charlies were, in fact, the same Charlie, but in parallel universes! And there is a fox.

But forget all about those rubbish Charlie books. They're awful. The best Roald Dahl book is that one where the bloke's face falls off, and then he goes a bit mad and keeps looking at this candle! It's hilarious.

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