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Largest Object Grated

What item of food would you say was most commonly associated with the humble culinary grater? A nut? A carrot? Ten carrots!?
Of course, the answer is cheese! Have you ever used your grater for anything other than cheese? I certainly haven't, except for when I accidentally grated the top of my thumb into an omelette.

And yet, if you look closely at a grater, you will discover a multitude of successively finer grating surfaces! It's utterly baffling - what possible use are they all!?
I discovered the answer whilst watching television one morning: for grating the skin off my feet!

Yes, apparently excess foot skin is a massive problem for much of the population, and the only solution is to either slice it off with a bread knife, or take a grater to it. The grater has the obvious advantage: a flap of dead skin is easily distinguishable from a slice of bread - but foot shavings and Parmesan cheese? Scientifically, they are identical!

The largest object grated, therefore, is a human foot. And whose human foot? Of course, Jurassic Park star Jeff Goldblum's human foot: 15% bigger than a child's face!

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