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Most Unusual Royal Residence

Where do you keep your royal family?

Here in the United States of England, we have trapped ours in the centre of London, in a shed known as Buckingham Palace!
Buckingham Palace is full of games and things to keep them occupied. According to secret reports, Prince William recently got a Wii for his birthday, and his favourite game is Cooking Mama!

But the luxurious residence of the UK royals is a far cry from others around the world. Take, for example, the royal family of Mexico: they don't exist in this Universe. Instead, they're forced to live in a parallel universe, where dogs can fly, and everyone is called Derek!

But parallel universes don't count.

The most unusual royal residence is the home of the French royal family. They don't live in a house. They don't even live in a palace. The French royal family live in a museum - the Centre Pompidou, in Paris, France!

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