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Scariest Halloween Costume

"Good evening sir/madam, do you wish to witness a trick or perhaps dispense a treat?"

Every October 31st, this is exactly the type of spooky catchphrase that children across the world are legally obliged to shout at their elderly neighbours, whilst dressed as some type of ghoulishly ghostly ghost ghoul, or a Dracula.
It is a tradition that can be traced back 27 years, to October 31st 1992, when Microsoft introduced their Windows 3.1 operating system: so advanced was its graphical user interface, everyone naturally assumed that some kind of witchcraft was involved, and that dressing up as a witch or wizard was therefore necessary in order to install it!

At first, the day was known as "Hello Windows 3.1" day, before becoming "Hello Win" day, "Hello-win" and finally "Halloween". As the anniversaries came and went, instead of simply wizard and witch costumes, regular people began disguising themselves as other famous magical/scary creatures, while the Americans dressed up as any old rubbish off the television - the Power Rangers, for example.

That is an extremely accurate history of Halloween.

But you're not here to find out about the history of Halloween, and have therefore just wasted several minutes reading about it. And you're continuing to waste your life by reading this, a sentence explaining what it is you're here to find out about - something that I presume you already knew, since it is also the title of this WOW: the scariest halloween costume.

Well, waste your life no longer! For the scariest halloween costume is none other than Arnold Schwarzenegger, aka Terminator 2, when his face is all falling off due to having a fight with some other guy.


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