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Oldest Ghost

What exactly is a ghost?
It's a question that has baffled scientists for several years; after all, no-one has ever been able to capture a ghost in a bag. They just flap off into a tree when they see you coming.

For ghosts are afraid of the living, in much the same way as the living are afraid of Hitler.

I know what you're now asking. If we don't even know what a ghost is, how can we know anything at all about them? Surely it's all just guesswork and pointless hypothesising? Until some proof exists, why do we even entertain questions on the existence of such theoretical entities?

The answer is yes.

The oldest ghost is not, as you might think, the ghost of the first human: Adam and Eve. This is because ghosts do not last forever. They sort of evaporate after a few years if left untreated.
No, the oldest ghost is currently the ghost of carpenter James Allen, who died in 1989.
He haunts a patio heater somewhere in Massachusetts.


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