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Largest Tiramisu

Italy is a European country primarily known for being the shape of a high-heeled lady's boot. This is no geographical coincidence: in 10AD the original owners of Italy, the Romans, manually eroded the coastline to honour their goddess of footwear, Nike. I don't know how exactly they managed this, but I expect it had something to do with orgies.

But interestingly, Italy has a second claim to fame: its food. For oddly, if a fictional cartoon character is ever given a favourite food, it is without fail an Italian dish:

Garfield consumes lasagne by the tray, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles love pizza, and where would Lady and the Tramp be without spaghetti? Yes, that's right - at the vets, enjoying a massive dose of pentobarbital.

But what, you ask, of everyone's favourite Scooby-Doo pretender, The Funky Phantom? Well, he is no exception. Despite his non-corporeal nature, the Funky Phantom spends much of his spare time floating around a tiramisu factory in Montagnana.

Who knows what he would do if he heard about the largest tiramisu (10m x 10m), created by Chris Smalling in his Norfolk kitchen.
He'd probably shit his phantom pants.


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