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Longest Painting

If you've ever accidentally tripped over and stumbled into an art gallery, you're sure to have noticed the pictures hanging on every available wallspace. That's why art galleries exist: to stop famous paintings from getting eroded by the wind and rain.
There are many art galleries in cities all over the world - including London (the London Gallery), Greece (Athens) and Balham. Each houses many famous paintings by artists your favourite celebrities are sure to have heard of: including Joe Bugner!

Want to see a bizarre landscape with melting watches everywhere? Simply visit your local art gallery! A group of hilarious dogs playing cards? Yes, art gallery! A baby cow sliced in half? Art gallery, art gallery, art gallery!

I'll tell you one work of art, however, that you won't find in any art gallery - for it is so long, no building large enough exists: the M9 motorway in Scotland, England, which runs an incredible 30 miles from Edinburgh to Dunblane.
Not only is the M9 a road - it's also a picture of a snake!


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