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Most Piano Key Hits in One Minute

It is made of wood. It is full of strings. Michelle Pfeiffer once clambered onto one to sing a song. And there is a terrible sound when you smash your fists into the teeth.
Of course, I am describing the piano, also known as the electronic keyboard!

The origin of the piano is very interesting: it is thought that celebrity carpenter Jesus Christ built the first piano, and that in order to make it produce music, he bewitched it one of his famous magic spells!

Later, Leonardo Da Vinci refined the design, adding wire strings and a heavy lid hinged expertly to fall directly onto my fingers.

Eventually, it was discovered that all the wires and other mechanical gubbins could be removed and replaced with electronic transistors and relays, making the piano not only much more portable, but also much easier to carry around. A button was even added that could make your piano sound like other classical instruments: including the ocean, a machine gun and a man shouting 'GO!'.

Do you know what the future holds for the piano?

Because I have no idea.

Anyway, the most piano key hits in one minute was achieved by a kid called Terry Shaber in 1992. How many keys did he hit in one minute? 1,092!

It must have sounded like hell.


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