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Most People Tossing Coins Simultaneously

If you've ever found yourself having to choose between two possible options with no strong desire for either, perhaps you were tempted to toss a coin, leaving the outcome up to lady luck.
If so, you might be surprised at just how common this is: recent research by a doctor has shown that the average being makes a choice based on a purely random coin flip at least once every day!

Usually, the choice is quite mundane: deciding how many Weetabix to have for breakfast, or how large a hat to wear to work. But occasionally... the choice is nothing short of life-changing: Hitler's mum, for example!

Don't toss coins too frequenctly, though - you will surely be percieved to be an evil criminal mastermind! Two-Face (Batman), Super-Skrull (Fantastic Four), Poundcakes... they all toss coins as if there was no tomorrow!

Luckily, very few of the particpants were evil criminal masterminds during the event that saw the most people tossing coins simultaneously. That would have been awful. Poundcakes!

The most people tossing coins simultaneously occured on 18th November 2009 when I started flipping a coin and eight other people coincidentally did the same thing somewhere probably.


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