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Longest Career as a Radio Presenter

Tony Blackburn enjoying a delicious drink of Tizer. Look, Sir. Blackburn.

When, in 1886, Mahlon Loomis invented radio waves, the world suddenly became a smaller place. Immediately, by simply 'tuning in', news and weather forecasts from across the globe became accessible to all.

It wasn't long before broadcasters realised that radio wasn't limited to just news and weather forecasts: many more sounds were compatible, including the sound of a man laughing, and the sound of dogs! Also, music!
Thus, the career of the radio presenter was born. It was this individual's job to pick a popular piece of music, talk about it for several minutes, place it onto the record player and drop the stylus into the correct position. Also, they would have to blow the dust off at regular intervals.
Of course, with today's digital technology, much has changed: radio presenters now talk for ages about nothing of any interest.

No-one knows more about these changes than UK radio presenter Tony Blackburn.
Blackburn began his career in 1967, when instead of studios attached to the ground, radio broadcasts were made from ships attached to the ocean!
Sadly, in 2008, Blackburn retired, citing a desire to return to Blackburn's original career - a jelly bean taster. But as a radio presenter, Blackburn's span of 41 years earns Blackburn the WOW for the longest career as a radio presenter.


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