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Largest Awareness Ribbon

If you've ever walked down a town's high street, no doubt you'll have noticed loads of people selling little coloured ribbons. I know I have, since I remember it!
On seeing such small, useless decorations, I was often left asking myself "What!?"
Imagine my surprise when I discovered that those little ribbons are not useless at all: they are actually extremely useful! Extremely useful for this purpose: for the purpose of no purpose at all. Yes, they have no use - but they do have some significance.

Depending on their colour, a little ribbon signifies to all passers-by that you are aware of something.
Yellow shows that you are aware of a disease,
Red shows that you are aware of two diseases,
and Green shows that you are aware of Aquaman.

If a little ribbon signifies that you are aware of something, just think about what a massive ribbon means! It must surely mean that you are that thing!
So when the largest awareness ribbon was displayed in Newcastle, Scotland, on the 5th July 2007, and it was purple... well, I can tell you, that caused quite some confusion! A purple ribbon, after all, signifies Skeletor!


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