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Longest Cigar

If you're some kind of stereotypical American oil tycoon, there are two items of clothing that you are never without: a massive hat, and a cigar!
Only American oil tycoons smoke cigars, due to the price: 1.20!

But don't despair. You too can experience the wonder of smoking an expensive cigar just by following this exciting guide, written especially for the World of WOWs by none other than cigar-fingers herself, J.K. Rowling!

Step 1) Wave your Hooglesniff over a big pot of Blaargh,
Step 2) Framplop the Smood,
Step 3) Pogshot,
Step 4) Wobbleflop, Jampuff Armgas!

But enough about cigar simulation: you're here to find out about real cigars, one in particular - the longest cigar!
Well, prepare for a surprise. At 3km, the longest cigar is the Dartford Tunnel, once it gets filled with tobacco and put into a giant's mouth!


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