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Largest Wing Chun Display

Wing Chun is an ancient martial art that you've probably never heard of. However, if I were to describe some Wing Chun forms, you would surely recognise them instantly: for Wing Chun is the martial art used in the Star Wars films!

Remeber when Obi Wan did a flip? In Wing Chun, that's known as a dog launch!
What about when Darth Vadar sensed that Luke Skywalker was nearby, and he sort of looked around? He didn't sort of look around - he moved into the shameful dog stance!
And what about when Han Solo awkwardly stepped on Jabba the Hutt's tail, and Jabba the Hutt didn't mind at all? Of course, Han Solo was simply practicing his advanced Wing Chun by punching a dog in the face!

"There must be more to Wing Chun than simply punching a dog in the face," I had often thought - so you can imagine my surprise when I was recently invited to visit the World Wing Chun headquarters, in Horsham, England!

On arrival, I was greeted by Ian Turner, head of the RSPCA's investigation team. Ian showed me around the complex, informing me that I was being prosecuted for cruelty to dogs and could expect a fine of up to 500, as well as being banned from owning dogs for several years.
I asked Ian how old he'd been when he started practicing Wing Chun: he told me that police were on their way, and it would be in my best interests to co-operate.
Luckily, Ian soon got pushed over and I managed to jump over a fence and escape. And needless to say, I hid in a water butt for six hours before travelling home with some friendly illegal immigrants.

The largest Wing Chun display occured in 1967!

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