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Fastest Time Bursting a Hot Water Bottle

When, in 69AD, a Roman inventor by the name of Sam Wilson accidentally set fire to his floor, little did he know that he had created the world's first central heating system! Soon, floors across the empire were ablaze: from Persia (Africa) to Londinium (Ireland).
Since then, civilisation hasn't looked back, innovating the field of central heating until the only piece of equipment required to keep your flat warm is a small white box on the wall, specially designed to make a terrible noise right in the middle of important and interesting television programmes.

But how did people before 69AD keep warm?
By dancing in front of a bonfire? NO!
By perfecting the art of shivering? NO!
By filling a plastic bag with boiling water, and sitting on it? YES!

That plastic bag is the distant ancestor of today's hot water bottle, the small, portable heating device that can often be dressed up to resemble a popular cartoon character: Skeletor.
But that's not all that you can do with hot water bottles. You can also burst them!

And bursting a hot water is exactly what Richard Harding did when he earned the WOW for the fastest time bursting a hot water bottle: it only took him 2 seconds (he ran it over in his van)!


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