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Most Valuable Sundial

Have you ever noticed how the Sun seems to appear in the morning, changes its position throughout the day, and completely disappears at night time? It's a remarkable coincidence that has been exploited by man for thousands of years: from famous navigators (Popeye) to watchmakers (Casio).

And it was Casio, a student of Aristotle, who invented the world's first timepiece: known now as the twentieth wonder of the ancient world, the Ivory Sundial of Olophyxus.
While at first glance simply appearing to be a twelve foot ivory depiction of Aphrodite doing the Macarena, the sundial was certainly able to give an accurate hour and minute reading: probably involving staring at the goddess' breasts.

But although destroyed by rampaging Persians in 1974, the sundial's secrets were not lost! You too can create your own sundial by simply jabbing a stick into the ground.

The most valuable sundial is much more than that, however. At no point in its creation was a stick involved! Unless you mean a stick of gold, in which case, yes, a stick was involved.
The most valuable sundial is the Sovereign's Orb, part of the famous Crown Jewels of the UK! It is rumored to be worth at least 206!


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