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Largest Simultaneous Toast

There's nothing better in the morning than a delicious piece of toast, don't you think? And what about an egg? A lovely egg. And some waffles. Lots of waffles. With butter and maple syrup.

There's nothing better in the morning than a delicious plate of waffles, don't you think? You'd be right to think that. Good thinking, you.
But what did people eat before waffles were invented? No-one can say for certain, due to history having already happened, but it probably involved the waffle's savoury cousin, toast!
And maybe an egg.

But enough about toast. Toast has nothing at all in common with a toast: for a toast is an event initiated when you start talking about someone!

Here's an example:
You are sitting in a building. Possibly there are windows in the building. You start talking about someone. Hold the phone, you have just begun a toast!

The largest simultaneous toast occured in America on June 17, 1994, when OJ Simpson, the famous Bat & Trap player, drove around for several hours in his Delorean. Billions watched on their televisions, and many began to talk about Simpson. Little did they realise that by doing so, they were participating in the largest simultaneous toast!

But they were!


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