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Highest Score on Guitar Hero

Click click click click-click-click!
Click click-click-click-click!

You know what all that clicking was? Yes, of course you don't! But I'll tell you: it was the sound of someone playing the popular video game Guitar Hero.

For those of you who have never played Guitar Hero, here are the instructions:

1) Load the game,
2) The title screen appears,
3) Click-click-click-click-clickety-click,
4) Guitar Hero!

Guitar Hero was created by the same guy who created Super Mario: John Nintendo of Weymouth, Dorset. I asked John where he came up with such a crazy idea for a game:
"Well, I was on the beach eating a hot dog when a massive seagull suddenly dived out of the air. The next thing I knew, I was face down in the sand - my hot dog was gone! I was quite literally fuming with rage until my wife explained that the seagull had probably mistaken my hot dog for a giant worm. That made me feel much better - because personally, I think worms are God's second most awful creation, after genital herpes."

The highest score on Guitar Hero is 6,156,923!

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