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Fastest 300km by Speed Boat

If you've ever wanted to travel across a vast stretch of water, such as a river, a stream, or the legendary lost city of Atlantis, you're sure to have eventually found yourself using a boat.

The boat was invented many years ago by a character called Noah. At the bottom of his garden, Noah had a massive and unusual shed: unusual due to its contents. For unlike all others, it did not contain rusted tools and mouldy garden furniture: it contained two of every animal in existence!

I can't remember the rest of the story, but it involves a flood, and the RSPCA.

Today, owning a boat doesn't necessarily involve prosecution. Driving a boat can be a safe and fun way to enjoy your free time.
Unless, that is, you own the Mighty Gordon!

The Mighty Gordon is a speed boat with an engine more powerful than thirty cats! And on the 12th February 2010, the Mighty Gordon travelled 300km in just 5 minutes, 12 seconds!
Faster than the speed of a smell!


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