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Longest Massage Chain

Have you ever come home from work feeling tired, grumpy and aching?
Snow White did, but the other dwarves soon got jealous!

Of course, that is an hilarious joke. But aches and pains can be an extremely non-hilarious matter. Imagine what would happen if an acrobat suddenly got a back-ache in the middle of a flip! A disaster, that's what.

Thankfully, there is a way to expel all aches and pains from your body: have a massage.
Here is how to have a massage:

1) Phone the massage shop,
2) "A massage, please"
3) Lie on the floor,
4) Prepare for massage.

But of course, that isn't the only way to experience a massage: you could run into a bumpy wall, punch yourself in the back... or participate in a massage chain.

A massage chin is a line of people, each one massaging the person in front of them. It's a bit like a conga line, but with less kicking (hopefully).
The longest massage chain took place in Canada in 1987, and was eighteen feet long!

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