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Most People Polishing a Car Simultaneously

Cars are extremely versatile machines. They go forwards, they go backwards... in fact, they are capable of going in any direction at all, except up and down.
Only planes are allowed to go up and down.

Some of the activities that a car can be used for include human transportation (going to work), goods transportation (doing the food shopping) and livestock transportation (stealing a mule).
But transportation isn't all that a car can be used for: what about attracting attention?

If you are driving down the high street, and you see an attractive member of the opposite sex, honk your horn.
If you are giving someone a lift and want them to know that you are waiting outside, honk your horn.
If you are running out of oxygenated breathing fluid at the bottom of the ocean, and suddenly a wierd alien flies over to you and looks at you with its boggly eyes and then it sort of reaches out to you with one of its wobbly arms, honk your horn.

Honking your horn was recently voted the nation's favourite automotive method of attracting attention by readers of BBC Top Gear magazine. But can you guess the method that came in seventh? No, you can't: it was polishing your car!
And no-one owns a more highly polished car than Christoper Handpad of Norway! For on the 19th of February 2010, Christopher somehow managed to convince 6 people to polish his car at once, immediately winning him the WOW for the most people polishing a car simultaneously!

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