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Largest Basketball Attendance

If you've ever thrown something into a dustbin from a distance of more than two metres, it's quite possible that you are going to be the next basketball superstar!
In no time at all, your name will become synonymous with footwear, following the likes of Michael Jordan (The Nike Air Jordan), Shaquille O'Neal (The Reebok Pump) and Ted Talkington (plimsolls).

But of course, there's more to becoming a professional basketball player than simply throwing rubbish around. You must also learn the rules of basketball!
And here they are:

1) To Pass: Press pass. Press turbo and pass to throw the ball faster!
2) To Shoot: Hold down the shoot button. The shot is more accurate when the player is at the apex of his jump.
3) To Dunk: Hold shoot while running. Hold turbo and shoot to perform a super dunk!

The largest basketball attendance occured during the 2002 NCAA basketball final - there were at least 500 people there, many of whom were watching the basketball!


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