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Most Time Spent Playing World of Warcraft

Have you ever tried searching for this very website: the World of WOWs using the Internet?
Of course you have, you idiot!
As such, you'll have no doubt noticed the numerous results pointing you not toward an interesting website full of amazing facts and achievements (this website) but towards websites devoted to an electrogame known as World of Warcraft!

I'm not sure exactly what occurs during a game of World of Warcraft - I don't own a Nintendo. According to a friend of mine, however, it involves an elf, a magic spell and three Gandalfs.
It isn't all good news, however. In order to access the World of Warcraft, you are required to pay a monthly subscription fee of 12.52 - equivalent to almost twice the minimum wage in Nunavut!

However, this disgusting state of affairs clearly didn't disuade Australian gamer David Chegwin: for in December 2009, he racked up an incredible 212 Warcraft hours, managing to evolve his Ekans into an Arbok several times over and win the WOW for the most time spent playing World of Warcraft!
Gotta catch 'em all, David!

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