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Scariest Insect


If that sound is familiar to you, it's because that is the sound of terror, and you are a coward.
There's nothing to be ashamed of: with no cowardice, history would be without some of its most famous names, including B.A. Barracus and Geroge Washington. They were both cowards - being afraid of helicopters!

Yes, helicopters are one thing... but when it comes to insects, feelings of fear and dread are justifiable. An insect, after all, can lay an egg in your eye and not feel at all guilty!

Ever wondered what the scariest insect is? Waste no more time! Here's the World of WOWs Top 5 scary insects:

5) Fruit fly - a terrifying fly, if you are a piece of fruit.
4) Tarantula Hawk - not spider, or bird, but wasp! Terrifyingly confusing!
3) Bullet Ant - a terrifying bullet the size and shape of an ant!
2) Deathstalker Scorpion - ARGH!

But at number 1, we have the scariest insect: the Woodlouse.
It doesn't bite you. It doesn't sting you. It doesn't lay eggs in your eye. So what makes the woodlouse so scary? Simple:
No-one knows where they come from!


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