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Longest Dog Ears

If you've ever looked at a mammal, you may have noticed ears. Ears are made from skin and fat, and depending on the species, can be as large as a large teapot, or as small as a small teapot. Unlike a teapot, however, ears cannot contain boiling water. For long. So what are ears actually for?
Of course, ears generate an area of low pressure within the brain that sucks in the sound energy!

But we still have much to learn about ears. For example, the varying shapes and sizes of domestic dog ears have baffled experts for centuries. Ancient Greek philosopher Plato posed the following rhetorical question:

"A dog has massive ears, but I am much better than a dog at tap-dancing. Am I right, ladies?"

The longest dog ears are usually found in the blood hound breed, and here's why: blood hounds spend much of their time sniffing around. As their ears are dragged along the ground, a static charge is generated, giving extra power to the smell-centre of their brains! WOW!

However, the dog with the longest ears is Snoopy.

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